Extremadura will receive 2,963 million of the regional financing system this year, 2.3% more



Montoro presenta los Presupuestos en el Congreso

Cristóbal Montoro and Ana Pastor, in presentation at the Congress of the 2017 Budget. EUROPA PRESS

The autonomic financing provided for in the draft of State Budgets for this year will grow for the Canary Islands twice as much as for the group of communities, 11.9 percent compared to 5.7 percent of the national average, followed by the Balearic Islands, whose income for this chapter will grow 9.3 percent this year.

By communities and in absolute terms, Catalonia (18,576 million euros), Andalusia (18,299 million), Madrid (13,396 million) and the Valencian Community (10,042 million) are the leaders, according to the data released on Wednesday by the Ministry of Health. Treasury, which will send this information to the CCAA throughout today.

However, the highest growth with respect to 2016 is recorded by Canarias, whose allocation in the regional financing system grows 11.9 percent (it will receive 4,467 million euros), followed by the Balearic Islands (2,404 million) and Comunidad Valenciana (10,042 million) ), which grow 9.2%.

Cantabria has the third highest increase, of 7.2 percent (it receives a total of 1.716 million) and then Madrid, with 6.5 percent more (13.396 million), and Catalonia, whose resources are increased by 6, 2 percent (18,576 million).

In the classification according to relative variations is Murcia, which will receive 6.1 percent more (3.061 million in total), followed by Aragon, which improves 4.9 percent (3.326 million) and Andalusia, whose income goes up 4.8 percent (18.299 million).

The Galicia list closes, with an increase of 3.6 percent (7,119 million in total), La Rioja, which grows 3.5 (934 million), Castilla-La Mancha, which rises 3% (4,658 million), Castilla y León, with 2.4% increase (6,176 million), Extremadura, with 2.3 (2,963 million), and Asturias, whose resources foreseen in the system increase 2.1% (2,604 million in total) ).


The Government plans to transfer 99,822 million euros to the Autonomous Communities for the financing system, 5,381 million euros more than expected for last year, in the year in which the reform of this mechanism is being initiated in response to the widespread complaint that the current distribution formula does not work.

To this figure are added the 7,424 million that the Government expects to distribute for the liquidation of the financing system for 2015, favorable to the autonomies. Added to the above, more than 100,000 million euros to distribute among the 15 communities of the common system, excluding the Basque Country and Navarre.

Of this amount, the increase in the ceded taxes stands out and adds up to 82,827 million euros, since the Autonomous Communities will receive 37,179 million for personal income tax (9.2% more), another 33,056 million for VAT (7.6% more) and 12,591 million for special taxes (1.45% increase).

Also, 3,821.37 million will be distributed from the Global Sufficiency Fund (the difference between the financing needs of a community and its tax capacity and transfers) and another 8,570 million from the Guarantee Fund (to ensure that each community receives the same money per inhabitant ).

The first is distributed as follows: Catalonia, 19 percent of the total (728.8 million), Galicia 14.6 percent (558 million), Andalusia 12.4 percent (474 ​​million), Cantabria 11.9 percent (458 million), Extremadura 10.9 (416), Castilla y León 10.6 percent (406 million), Aragón 6.7 percent of the total (259 million), La Rioja 5.19 percent (198 million), Asturias 4.5 percent (174 million), Castilla-La Mancha 1.97 percent (75 million) and Canary Islands 1.85 percent (70 million euros).