New Attic Insulation Contractor / Installer

Installing New Attic Insulation

New attic insulation installed into your attic will make your attic space cleaner, more energy efficient and keep you home more comfortable.  Blown in attic insulation will ensure your attic space gets insulated in even the smallest areas.

Blown in Cellulose Insulation

Blown in cellulose has so many advantages over rolled in batt insulation or even the blown in fiberglass.  Cellulose insulation is treated for both fire retardation and pest control benefits.  The dense packing of cellulose insulation makes it a better insulator giving a more true R-Value.

In case of fire, cellulose can help to slow a fire in the attic.  The fire retardant infused inside of the insulation makes it less prone to fire damage over fiber glass insulation which fire destroys very quickly.

Cellulose insulation is treated to not allow insects to live inside of it.  This is bad news for insects like termites, bedbugs, spiders, cockroaches and ants.  Fiberglass insulation does not offer this benefit which is another reason we suggest cellulose over fiberglass.

The other benefit to cellulose vs fiberglass insulation is gives a more true R-Value.  This is because the cellulose insulation is dense and does not allow air to easily pass through it.  Fiberglass is much looser and air can easily pass through the  insulation.

If ambient air is passed through the insulation it changes the air temperature.  Think of this as wind chill factor.  When the temperature outside is 50 degrees you can wear a sweater.  If the wind picks up at the same temperature, a sweater alone can no longer insulate you adequately.

The R-Value of the sweater did not change, but the air passing through it lowers the temperature.  If you had clothing on that had the same R-Value but did not breathe as much, the wind would have less effect on the temperature you feel.  The dense packing of cellulose does not allow the passing of as much air, therefore it keeps the attic temperature more stable.

Preparing to Install New Attic Insulation

Before blowing in insulation the attic must be properly prepped.  This involves making sure the ventilation of attic will not be disturbed. The soffit vents at the bottom of the attic can not be covered by the insulation.  These vents are what allows air to enter the attic for proper air flow which helps get hot air and moisture out.

If old insulation is present and is clean it should be kept in the attic and new attic insulation installed over it.  If the old fiberglass or cellulose is damaged from rodents , fire or flood the insulation should be removed and the attic sanitized prior to installing new insulation.

Can lights need to be inspected to see if they are rated to allow insulation to be touching them.  If not, they need to be wrapped with a fire retardant material allowing them an air space so they don’t overheat and does not allow insulation to touch them directly.  This fire hazard is one aspect that can not be overlooked.

The attic needs to be inspected for other hazards prior to installing the insulation.  Other hazards may include electrical hazards or plumbing.  Having a qualified company like Pest Control Insulation Guys can give you comfort in knowing your home will be insulated with new attic insulation properly and safely.

Consider the Radiant Barrier

This is the best time to install a radiant barrier.  You have the crew at the house, the tools are out and it is time to put the most cost effective energy saver in your attic.  A  radiant barrier will bounce radiant heat entering through the roof back out.  This will lower the attic temperature and the utility bill.

 New Insulation Installation

The insulation will be blown in from our truck/trailer.  The mess from material handling is kept outside.  A large diameter hose is used to transport the new insulation into the attic.  This keeps your home clean during the install.

The insulation will be brought to the height the manufacturer recommends for the desired R-Value.  The higher depth the insulation is installed the higher the R-Value the attic will have.

After the crew has finished the install, all of the equipment is put away and the area swept and vacuumed.  We want to leave your home as nice as when we got there.

Please call us for more information about your home and how we can help you make your house more of a home.