Radiant Barrier

Install Radiant Barrier

Radiant barriers are installed under the roof  and attached to the roof rafters.  The barrier will bounce back the radiant heat produced by the sun and lower the temperature of the attic.  By lowering the attic temperature the home’s utility bill will notice a nice decline.

Benefits to radiant barrier in attic

A Radiant Barrier will last for years if installed properly.  The barrier is installed on the roof rafters leaving an air space between the roof’s sheeting and the barrier.  The air space along with the radiant barrier material bounce back the radiant heat transferred through the roof into the attic.

Install Radiant Barrier

Install Radiant Barrier

The radiant heat bounced back outside has a significant impact on the temperature of the attic.  The attic temperature drophas two benefits.  One is the attic is cooler which makes the home cooler.  The second benefit to radiant barriers is most homes have their air conditioning ventilation run in the attic.

The air conditioning ducts in the attic usually are insulated to combat the harsh temperatures of the attic.  By reducing the attic temperature you also make the air conditioning unit work less.  This double impact makes radiant barriers one of the most energy efficient installs for a home.

When to install a radiant barrier

The best time for a radiant barrier is when a clean out of the attic is being performed.  This is when the the attic has the least amount of debris and is easiest to work in.  The barrier can be installed just before the insulation is blown in making it possible to reach areas not always possible to reach if insulation already exists.

If your home already has insulation we can still install radiant barrier.  The great thing about it is even if only part your roof is covered you still get a benefit.  When we install it we cover all the roofing we can, while still providing good ventilation.

The right way to install radiant barrier

Radiant barriers need to be installed properly because the attic needs to properly ventilate.  If moisture is allowed to build up rot can develop along with termites.  Our attic technicians will install the radiant barrier to get the maximum benefit without effecting proper ventilation.

Maximize radiant barrier savings

To get the most out of the radiant barrier the attic needs to also be properly insulated.  If the radiant barrier is being installed where insulation already exists, additional insulation may be added to bring the R-Value up.  Raising the R-Value will reduce the heat transfer between the home and attic.

In homes we are installing new insulation in, we can put in R-30, which in most cases is code for an attic.  For a small difference in price R-45 or even greater can be blown in.  This level of insulation along with the radiant barrier is sure to keep your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Please feel free to call us with any questions.  We would love to come out o make your home cleaner, more energy efficient and comfortable for you and your family.