Remove Rodent Feces

Vacuum Rodent Droppings

Rodent droppings in the attic are common after the pest control companies have done their job in getting rid of rodents.  Often times the rodents are removed and the entry points have been excluded.  However, most pest control companies do not have the equipment or know-how to remove rodent feces and insulation.

Pest Control Insulation Guys have the knowledge and experience in both construction and rodent control.  The owners of the company have both construction license and pest control license.  PCIG does not perform pest control but does repair damages caused by rodents if needed and remove rodent feces.

Remove Rodent Droppings

Rodent Feces

Our attic technicians will go into the attic with a long hose connected to a large gas-powered vacuum that is positioned outside.  The rodent droppings will be vacuumed and put into large collection bags that are outside and will help to keep your home clean during the service.

The vacuum will suck out rodent droppings along with the nesting material and both loose, blown in insulation along with rolled batt insulation.  The process to remove rodent feces is much faster with the proper equipment we own.

Attic Sanitizing

Once the rodent feces and nesting material is removed the sanitizing is performed.  This is done with either liquid sanitizer sprayed or fogged in, or with ozone.  In some cases we will do both.

The liquid sanitizing spray is sprayed on heavily infested areas where rodent activity is obvious.  It also sprayed at entry points that were used by rodents that should now be closed off to block future entry.

Fogging of liquid sanitizing agent is used to get into hard to reach locations and get a thorough coverage of the area.  This is good when a heavy infestation was cleaned up.

Ozone shock treatments is by far the most robust treatment for sanitizing the attic.  The ozone machine is placed in the attic producing over 50,000 mg/hr of ozone to get into areas liquids can not.  This procedure cleans everywhere the air reaches.

Once the feces removal and attic sanitzing is complete we can install a radiant barrier and/or new insulation into the attic.  The R-value can be installed to code or go a bit higher to lower your utility bills even more.