Second campaign for the collective purchase of solar installations

After the success obtained with the first Solar Surge, collective purchase of photovoltaic solar installations for self-consumption in homes, to which 100 households from 14 Autonomous Communities have joined during 2017, Ecooo has just launched the second wave with the same goal, to achieve add another 100 homes in 45 days so they can self-clean.

Ecooo, the company that promotes and develops projects in favor of a new sustainable energy model and in the hands of people, is the promoter of the Solar Surge campaign, which is committed to generating its own energy. In this second, it will have local alliances in Sabadell, La Palma, Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

Oleada solar

The collective purchase of the installations of the solar installations supposes a very important improvement in the price. A photovoltaic generator like the one they propose costs € 6,785 if purchased individually. But if you buy 100 facilities collectively the savings is € 2,035, which is 30%.

In just 10 m² of roof surface enough energy is generated to supply a good part of the day’s consumption during the next 30 years. It is an installation with photovoltaic aneles and inverters of high quality and European manufacture. A commitment to quality, to minimize the carbon footprint and collaboration against the competition .


The project includes a complete management of the photovoltaic solar installation process, taking into account the values ​​of the social and solidarity economy and highlighting the work of a complete network of local installers.

Among the great achievements of the first Solar Wave are having increased by 35% the number of homes with self-consumption in our country in just half a year, increasing the percentage to 70%, for example, in the Community of Madrid or having generated a network of installers of photovoltaic panels constituted by 50 companies and with more than 200 trained workers, in total.